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  1. Date & Time
    Saturday May 18th 9AM - 2PM
  2. Place
    Valley View Middle School 6750 Valley View Road, Edina, MN 55439
  3. Contact Details
    STEM Builders Learning Center 612-444-5997 [email protected]
  4. Tournament Rules
    Each team is composed of any 5 students who are in grades 4-6 or 6-8. There are two rounds: 10 individual problems and 10 team problems. If needed, up to five tiebreaker problems will be employed.
  5. Cost
    $100 per team
  6. Chaperones
    One teacher per team is required to chaperones and volunteer at the event.
  7. Awards
    All students will receive a certificate of participation. High scorers, both individual and team, will receive awards.
  8. Lunch
    Students and chaperones should bring their lunches and sharpened pencils. Midmorning snacks and drinks will be provided.
  9. Calculators
    Calculators will NOT be permitted for this event.
  1. Schedule
    9:00AM - Team checkin 9:30AM - Welcome; Instructions for Individual Event 9:40AM - Individual Event: 10 problems, 30 minutes 10:20AM - Explanations of Individual Event solutions 11:00AM - Snacks; Instructions for Team Event 11:20AM - Team Event: 10 problems solved cooperatively, 20 minutes 11:45AM - Explanations of Team Event solutions 12:25PM - Bag Lunch 12:55PM - Tiebreakers: 5 problems, 1 at a time, up to 5 minutes each 1:25PM - Awards 2:00PM - Dismissal

 Math Olympiad

Build Better Math Students Through Contests!
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