K-8 Math Xcel Program

Our customized curriculum make math easy for everyone

STEM Builders offers self paced, self learning Math curriculum for grades K-8. Our teaching technique and course material will help students understand math concepts step by step. Our self paced spiral learning model and frequent evaluation makes sure your child advances to the appropriate level.  With the help of our qualified and trained tutors, we make it easy for everyone. 

75 Mins twice a week sessions
  1. Spiral
    In order to make your child’s learning more comprehensive, we use a spiral learning technique, where your student can go back and fill in gaps in his/her learning through frequent and informal assessments. Our pretest, chapter, and end of the year assessments ensure your child’s success in math through proficient understanding of each and every topic. Comprehensive curriculum with critical checkpoints… that’s the cool way to learn math!
  2. Customized
    At STEM Builders Math, we recognize that every child is different and unique. So, to make learning math as expedient as possible, we customize each student’s math curriculum based on what topics they need to improve on. This helps fill in gaps in their learning and allows students to soar past topics they already know. Based on your child’s test results, our experienced coaches will customize a math program just for them that suits their learning needs.
  3. Self-paced
    Our customized, one on one approach allows your child to learn math on their own terms. Students can speed ahead or slow down at any time based on what they need, ensuring that no topic goes unlearned. The ability to change the pace at any time increases self-reliance and allows students to relax and learn deeply, with no one to push them along or leave them behind.
  4. Self-Learning
    One of the most important skills is the ability to engage in self-learning. At STEM Builders, students use detailed textbook explanations and in-book examples to try and learn on their own, with our coaches to guide them when they’re stuck. Learning from experienced coaches and thinking through solutions on their own boosts confidence and preps them for success.
  5. Specialized Staff
    Our specially trained tutors are handpicked by STEM Builders and experienced in personalized learning. They know exactly how to design a customized learning program and provide your child with the one on one resources they deserve. They make math easy, fun, and rewarding for every student
  6. Incremental
    As all kids know, it’s easier to take it one step at a time than try to finish it all in one shot. We provide your child with short, incremental steps to make sure they know what they’re doing. We start them off with self-learning worksheets along with examples, followed by review sheets. Once your child understands all topics completely we bring in our spiral approach. Cumulative review worksheets are designed to revise the concepts that they learn in previous topics, and go further.
  7. Affordable
    At STEM Builders, you can provide your child with the assistance they require without long term contracts or external fees, all at an extremely affordable rate! Got more kids or friends? We also offer sibling discounts and referral discounts, as well as other promotions. Need long term math tutoring? Never fear, our yearly discount is here!
  8. Convenient
    For 75 minutes a day, twice a week, on days and time of your choice, we take complete responsibility for your child’s math learning. You just have to bring your child, and that’s it. No homework, no need to look for material, no time at home, no worries, no hassles, and no compromising quality. We’ve got it all, to make it a win-win for both you AND your kids.
  9. Common Core
    STEM Builders Math program is directly aligned with Common Core State Standards for Mathematics(CCSSM) and covers the vast majority of local state standards too. 42 states, the District of Columbia, four territories, and the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) have adopted Common Core.