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STEM Builders provides an opportunity to ignite passion for STEM in students and motivate them to innovate!

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  1. Need for STEM education
    STEM education is an integrated, applied approach to learning that provides hands-on and relevant learning experiences for students. There is rapidly increasing demand for STEM Education. STEM builders unique curriculum satisfy today's generation STEM needs.
  2. Multiple Revenue Streams
    Only franchise in USA that provides STEM computer science education along with Mathematics K-8 program and science lab. Our wide program offerings generate revenue quicker for you.
  3. Exclusive Programs
    On campus after school programs After school programs at local schools Summer camps Enrichment camps Birthday parties Community events Girl Scouts programs and much more
  4. Affordable Business Model
    Low initial investment cost Invest as you go model Multiple revenue streams Ongoing monthly programs Quicker ROI
  5. Business Satisfaction
    Clear sense of purpose Make a difference Be part of the Future Impact the future Knowledge sharing is greatest satisfaction
  6. Why STEM Builders? Endless Reasons
    Evolving field Vast variety of knowledge Growth Challenges Motivation Innovation Satisfaction

10 Step Franchise Process

  1. Step 1: Get Acquainted
    Complete our online form to introduce yourself to STEM Builders and we will setup a call with you.
  2. Step 3: Pre-qualification
    Complete franchising application to pre-qualify.
  3. Step 4: NDA & FDD
    Sign Non-Disclosure agreement and receive Franchise Disclosure Document for review and for complete details about STEM Builders.
  4. Step 5: Visit Us
    Visit our headquarters. Take a tour and know in depth about our programs and clarify all your business questions.
  5. Step 6: Franchise Agreement
    Sign Franchise Agreement
  6. Step 7: Site Selection
    Identify your location, secure financing and sign lease
  7. Step 8: Get Trained
    Attend 6 day extensive franchise training onsite at STEM Builders Training location.
  8. Step 9: Start Marketing
    Start marketing your local business and setup your location
  9. Step 2: Love what you do
    During the call, we will answer any initial questions you might have. Its a great opportunity for us to know you and you know STEM Builders.
  10. Step 10: Grand Opening
    You made it! Open your new STEM Builders franchise
Starting any franchise business, there are startup costs that include setting up a center, an initial marketing campaign and other one-time expenses. This will vary by geographic area.
Monthly expenses will also vary by geographic area as well as size/capacity of the location.

Interested in joining STEM Builders?

  1. Startup Cost (Including Franchise Fee)*
    $60,000 - $80,000
    Rival Team
  2. Royalty Fee
    Rival Team
  3. Advertising Fee
    Rival Team
  4. Ongoing Monthly Expenses*
    $4,000 - $7,000
    Rival Team

 Interested to Own STEM Builders?

Get ready to be a part of only franchise in USA that provides STEM, computer science education along with Mathematics K-8 program

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*Above amounts are based on a single unit in the USA. Franchising Fees, Startup Cost and Ongoing Monthly expenses are for one unit. Multiple franchise cost may vary.
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